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If we do not plant knowledge when young, it will give us no shade when we are old - Lord Chesterfield

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Empowered Kids - An in school program to develop self-confidence, resiliency and empathy in children.  Contact us to find out more. 

Performance Enhancement - Use the power of Sports Hypnosis to improve your game!


New Services

Relaxation recordings for children and adults are now available through our website Empowered Kids as downloadable MP3 recordings*.

*As featured on The Guided Meditation Site

What we do

Art of Empowerment Inc. offers innovative approaches to motivate clients so that they are empowered to succeed in all areas of life.

For Individuals: Client's goals are easily achieved by accessing the power of the unconscious mind through hypnosis, guided imagery, neurolinguistic programming, narrative approaches and cognitive behavioural theory.

For Organizations:  We develop and offer customized workshops in the work place to address a variety of common issues including team building, stress management and performance enhancement.

For Parents and Educators:  We teach participants how to apply the principles of narrative theory and neurolinguistic pscyhology to empower children to succeed and manage the daily stressors of childhood.